What is Fast Track Joint Replacement

Fast Track Joint Replacement is an evidence based, personalized enhanced recovery program designed to safely and effectively improve outcomes following hip and knee replacement surgery. Team members and clinicians from the departments of orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, anesthesia, nursing, social work, and physical therapy work closely to develop an individualized treatment pathway for the patient. By focusing on improved pain management and early mobilization, patients in the Fast Track program have a faster recovery, less postoperative complications, and improved patient satisfaction.

Following traditional joint replacement surgery, patients are in the hospital for 3-5 days and often times go to a nursing home after being discharged. Patients in the Fast Track program often spend 1 night in the hospital and then go home. Some patients even go home the same day of surgery! Look at the table below to compare the Outpatient and Accelerated Tracks with Traditional Joint Replacement.



Fast Track Joint Replacement

Traditional Joint Replacement





Hospital Stay

0 days

1-2 days

3-5 days

Enhanced Recovery Protocol




Discharge after Hospital



Nursing Home or Rehab Facility

Am I a Candidate for Fast Track Joint Replacement?

Most patients are candidates for Fast Track Joint Replacement. Dr. Makda performs a physical examination, reviews your x-rays and medical history, and discusses with your primary care physician to determine if Fast Track Joint Replacement is appropriate for you. Patients with multiple health problems may not be appropriate candidates. To find out if you are eligible, schedule an appointment with Dr. Makda at .

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